Hosting, Updates, Backups

[lead]You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your website to help grow your business. You know hosting is important, but you don’t really want to be an expert or spend your time updating servers and code when you could be increasing your leads and helping your customers. We’ll take care of the hosting & maintenance.[/lead] [uw_testimonial author=”Alexandra” pic=”//”]Awesome WP support. I love to write but hate the technical stuff. I want to learn it, but just don’t have the time. I’ve known Dusty for a long time and he is best in the business.[/uw_testimonial]
But why does it matter so much?

You’ve probably put tons of energy into Search Engine Optimization, right? There are few metrics the search engines use directly related to hosting…

  • Site speed
  • SSL Certificates
  • Reputable hosting provider
[uw_quote src=”Google” url=””]You may have heard that here at Google we’re obsessed with speed, in our products and on the web. As part of that effort, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed.[/uw_quote]

More importantly, and why the search engines care, is that those things make a better user experience. And happy users stay longer and have more trust in websites that are secure and perform well.

[uw_quote src=”MOZ” url=””]Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page.[/uw_quote]

Your websites job is to generate leads for your business. It can’t do that if it’s down! Down time can’t be completely removed, but it can be mitigated. The most common reasons for down time that I see with WordPress sites, is mal-ware and span attacks.

34% of websites are running WordPress according to W3Techs!

With so many sites built on WordPress, it naturally becomes a target for attacks. We do a number of things to help mitigate attacks, but the most important one is updating the code. That’s plugins and WordPress itself. Usually once a month is fine, but some more serious security vulnerabilities should be updated as soon as a fix is published.

Can’t I just do that?

Yes! We have even written about how we manage WordPress. If you have the time and inclination it’s something you could totally do!

What if things go wrong or an attack isn’t stopped?

Backups! Daily backups are the final insurance policy for those rare cases where a code update breaks the site or an attack makes it though. Some times it’s an easy fix, but often a backup is the quickest way to get the site back up and do it’s job.

Ok, but why WP Support HQ?

There are tons of great hosting companies out there and we might not be the best for you.

We only work with sites built on WordPress and only focus on website hosting and maintenance. That way, we can keep up on the latest trends for WordPress, security patches, and threats.

We’re also not the cheapest. We want to provide a great service and deliver value to our customers. We’ve found that’s impossible to do while trying to be cheap.

We’ve been hosting WordPress sites since 2014 and most of our clients are still with us.

[uw_testimonial author=”Laura Moes – Project Manager, ClearPivot” pic=”//”]We have been using WP Support HQ for over a year and are happy with their timely and reliable service to update and back up our WordPress site. When we needed a restore, they completed the task in one day’s time. They also helped us increase the limit of our display table on our website for no charge since it was such a small change. Response to our emails are always friendly & fast.[/uw_testimonial]

During that time we’ve built custom software specifically to provide the best hosting and maintenance for our customers.

How does it work? What do you I have to do?

Signup and we’ll get everything setup for you. If you have an existing site we’ll migrate it over and make sure it’s a smooth transition. That’s it! We’ll do all the technical stuff that needs to get done.

What if I’m not happy?

We hope this isn’t the case, but know sometimes things just don’t work out. You can cancel anytime. We’ll refund your payment if you cancel in the first 30 days. And we’ll help move your site to a new host if you need it. We want happy customers!