WordPress Backups Keep your Site Up and Running

WordPress is a great platform for a variety of websites and blogs, but what happens if it temporarily crashes or an error affects your site? It can cause serious loss of information or even complete domain collapse. Don’t despair! There are plenty of WordPress backup services that can guarantee your site’s safety.


BackUpWordPress is a WordPress plug-in that backs up your site on a schedule you set up. It will backup your database, including text files, videos and even images. It works on a variety of platforms, including Linux and Windows and is available in languages as diverse as Spanish, German, Italian and even Basque!


BackupBuddy is an WordPress plug-in that take scheduled backups and stores them off-site. It’s main advantage is that it is easy and quick to get setup and has lots of storage options.

WP Backup

WP Backup is a WordPress plug-in simliar to BackUpWordPress that is designed to restore functionality and Dropbox integration to your WordPress site. It lets you create multiple backup schedules and exclude files you don’t want backed up.


UpdraftPlus is a plug-in that offers free or premium service. Free service lets you create WordPress backups on an extended basis, while premium lets you back up more frequently. You can actually download your backup to your computer, a service that sets this backup apart from others.

If you’re serious about the success and safety of your site, there’s no reason you shouldn’t contact a high-quality WordPress backup and service provider today.