WordPress backups: What you need to know

There’s almost nothing more important than regularly backing up your site. Whether you’re updating to the most recent version of WordPress, making major changes to your site, or trying out new plug-ins, having a reliable set of WordPress backups is of the utmost importance. Having an up to date back up helps you in case you accidentally break something, in case a new plug-in or theme reacts badly with your current installation, or, if your site has been compromised by a hacker or malware.

Here are three easy ways to back up your WordPress installation and make sure you have a back up plan in case something goes wrong:

Through the Admin Panel: If you use a webhosting platform like cPanel, backing up your installation is simple. Just find the Backup Wizard on your admin panel and follow the instructions provided. You’ll want to back up both your files and your database.

Manually: A WordPress installation is made up of two parts – the files and the database. To back up WordPress manually, find your files on the FTP server and export them. Then, find your site’s database files and export those as well. Keep these files in a safe place, and keep a secondary copy on a flash drive not connected to your computer for safekeeping.

With a back up plug-in: This is easily the simplest way to automate back ups. There are many WordPress plug-ins designed to back up your site, and can do so at the click of a button, or automatically at pre-determined intervals. Read the documentation on each of these plug-ins to find the one that works best for you.

If you’d like help backing up your WordPress site, or want a professional team to manage your site for you, contact us. We offer plans to fit any business or budget, and automatically back up your site for you as well as handling your updates, security monitoring, and more!