WordPress – ThingLink Support

Have you been wanting WordPress – ThingLink support? Well, you’re not alone. WordPress has finally begun supporting ThingLink interactive videos and images. When an end user places a ThingLink URL into the WordPress editor, it automatically converts it into an interactive media unit. WordPress.com and WordPress.org (ThingLink plugin) both support this new technology.

ThingLink helps bloggers create more interactive posts. It adds functionality to photos and videos. For example, when a reader moves their mouse over the image or video content, “they can explore links with additional information, listen to songs, watch videos, or answer polls.”

This additional engagement is allowed without the reader ever needing to move from the blog so you get more stickiness to your posts. The interactive media enthralls readers so they’ll be more likely to read your posts. For bloggers this is a win-win situation. For ThingLink too. This also has a potential to help with e-commerce. ThingLink additions can include links to Etsy stores and e-Bay transactions. For WordPress this is a move forward into the social sharing world that they have not made before. It’s a great opportunity to bring new, interactive information to people who were once just reading a blog post. Now, they get a chance to explore the topic they’re reading and they never have to leave the site. They don’t have to open up a new window. They don’t have to run a Google search. The information is there for them at their fingertips.

The partnership between WordPress and ThingLink is probably not the only one WordPress will enter into, but it shows that the company is moving in a positive direction with social commerce and social sharing.

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