Blogmutt; Working Like a Dog to Fill up Your Blog

Blogmutt; Working Like a Dog to Fill up Your Blog

Yes, it’s a funny name but there’s nothing funny about how fast Blogmutt works to fill up your blog.  They boast that the sign up process takes less than 5 minutes.  They offer several plans depending on your needs and they work with US-based writers.

Benefits of Blogging

Regularly publishing new articles on your website is a great way to improve conversions, gain credibility and keep visitors coming back.  Authoritative content helps your readers learn to trust your company and it helps search engines understand what kind of traffic to send to your website.  Engaging readers with helpful and informative blog posts gives them reasons to share your posts and shows that you are an industry leader. 

Pricing Plans

Blogmutt has a few different tiers of pricing, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs.  Accounts are billed monthly and scalable to the level of service you require.  Posts range from 250-1200 words, can include photos, and you own the copyright. 

Working with Writers

Blogmutt writers are freelancers with a wide range of professional experiences.  Whether your business is accounting, insurance, property management, technology, construction, or anything else under the sun; chances are there’s a Blogmutt writer that can write on the topic. You choose the titles and or keywords for every post and guide the editorial content to meet your site’s needs.  Revisions are free and you can reject anything that’s unsuitable for your audience. Blogmutt encourages clients to rate the articles with a five-star system and feedback notes.  This allows writers to give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Blogmutt and Us

We recommend Blogmutt to our clients because we like the control clients have over the content and the ability to ask for (and receive) expertly crafted content that helps improve web traffic and social shares.

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