Unique Ways to Get More Traffic to your WordPress Blog

Unique Ways to Get More Traffic to your WordPress Blog

When it comes to blog promotion techniques, everyone wants to the think they can drive traffic effectively but when it comes time to do it, it’s rarely very easy to accomplish. Below, you will find plugins and tips for getting more traffic to your WordPress blog. While these aren’t ground breaking discoveries, they do work and overtime they can start to provide good results.

Use Social Sharing Buttons

Most WordPress themes come with this out-of-the-box but if you’re using a theme that lacks social sharing buttons, try Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. Simply giving your users the ability to share content on their favorite social networking sites can greatly increase traffic and improve the likelihood that your content will go viral.

Sign up for Venngage or Another Infographic Creator

Venngage is a useful tool for creating inforgraphics quickly and easily. By signing up, you will gain access to dozens of pre-designed infographics that can be customized on-the-fly and integrated into blog posts. Infographics are important to creating interest and providing more value with your content. A blog post with an infographic is much more likely to get shares and be syndicated on the web.

Use Viral Quiz for Quiz Building

Quizzes are interactive and give your audience the impression that it was customized specifically for them. If you have ever taken a Buzzfeed quiz and felt like the results connected to you personally, then you know how powerful a quiz can be. Viral Quiz allows you to easily create quizzes that are intended to capture emails from the user. This is a great way to expand your email list and get more opt-ins. It also attracts traffic to your blog and provides opportunity for your quizzes to go viral.

Syndicate your Content on the Web

Syndicating your content is the best way to gain backlinks and exposure. By syndicating to social sites and web 2.0 properties, your content will get noticed and your search engine rankings will improve.

These unique ways to get more traffic to your WordPress blog can be implemented immediately and results begin to show within the first few months if done correctly. If you have any questions on digital marketing and blog traffic generation, please contact us.

Photo by Tawheed Manzoor