When to Use Paid Traffic as a Blog Promotion Technique

Many people feel that paid traffic is only for big companies with deep pockets or wealthy people with money to throw away. What they forget is that time also equates to money. The so-called free search engine traffic methods will either take your time to build up or that of a paid assistant. Your time as well as your assistant’s time is worth a certain hourly rate.

Unlike free traffic, there is an immediacy to paid traffic that many marketers find attractive. Search traffic takes longer to build up. This lengthy time requirement limits what you can do because you only have so much time. With paid traffic, you can quickly test products and landing page conversion. That’s the allure of paid traffic: things happen faster with this blog promotion technique.

However, unless you like throwing away money, you need to be clear about why you are using it. Are you using it for testing purposes? This is perfectly legitimate because the marketing information gained is valuable if you can put it to good use.

On the other hand, if you intend to turn a profit from the traffic, then you need to know your visitor value. If the conversion rate of your landing page is 10%, and a sale of your product gives you $40, then it takes ten visitors to make $40. Therefore, your visitor value is $4 per visitor. This figure lets you know how much you can pay per visitor and still make a profit. Increasing your conversion rate and/or increasing the price of your product increases your visitor value.

Success with paid traffic demands expertise in conversion techniques. Conversion testing in particular should become an obsession. You should also test the pricing of your products to find their sweet spot, beyond which your profits won’t increase further.

There is another way of increasing your visitor value however. This is creating an email list. The magic of an email list is that you can sell multiple products to your list members. Some members never buy while others buy nearly all your products. From this information, you can calculate the average lifetime value of a list member. Lifetime in this case means the length of time he or she stays on your list. The lifetime value of a list member tends to be much higher than the visitor value of one-time customers who purchased after arriving on your landing page.

Therefore, one of the most profitable uses of paid traffic is building an email list. You should provide a good incentive to get visitors to join your list and should carefully choose where you buy your traffic. Facebook ads are fairly cheap as paid traffic goes and are highly effective when done correctly. The ads should have an engaging image, good ad copy, and an enticing incentive for joining your list.

Of course, while you are honing the conversion rates of your landing pages with paid traffic, your WordPress blog will bring in traffic directly off the search engines. This traffic too can be channeled to your landing pages to increase your profits further. For more traffic tips and strategies, contact us at WP Support HQ.