Why I Created Free Tools for WordPress

Why I Created Free Tools for WordPress

I created some reports to help people with WordPress sites. I’m not sure why I start working on these kinds of projects. But thinking back about it, something usually catches my attention that I want to know more about.

In this case it was crawling web pages using a programing language called Clojure. The language isn’t important for the end result, but it’s usually part of what peaks my interest.

I dove into creating something that would grab a web page and parse the content. After I had the content I wanted to do something useful with it.

Around the same time a client asked about some broken links on their site. That sparked the idea of checking links on the site. And a friend of mine was talking about how the Google Analytics code on their clients sites often gets broken through other updates to the site.

Those ideas provided a nice excuse to continue building the basic report. While building it out I looked at some other similar reports and continued looking for reasons to continue development. Reason / excuse same thing.

From there I wanted to create a quick view of the page. What’s the Social and SEO stuff on the page? Are there broken links? Is Google Analytics setup correctly?

WordPress General Report


I like building things. I like those things to be used and useful.

So here’s the ask. Please try out the reports and send me feedback! http://tools.wpsupporthq.com.

I’m looking for everything from “this is confusing” to “it’d be great if it did this”. It’s all helpful and it’ll fuel me to continue to make the reports better.

Photo by 1lenore