No system is fully secure, WordPress included. No matter whether you’re running a website for your small business, a personal blog, or online resume and portfolio, ensuring your site is secure is extremely important. Here are three easy tips to follow to improve WordPress security:

Don’t use the default admin log-in credentials: This is a simple, but very often overlooked security flaw among amateur web masters. Almost every system uses “admin” as a default username. If your log-in credentials are the same as almost every other system out there, it’s very easy for just about anyone to get access to your system. You can change your administrator log-in credentials through your WordPress admin panel.

Back up your site regularly: If your site is compromised, having plenty of back ups ready allows you to get back on your feet much more easily. Imagine if you haven’t backed up at all and have to rebuild your site from scratch! Regular back ups are a major foundation to running your website in general – you should back up your site before making any major changes to your site.

Always use the most current version of WordPress, themes, and plug-ins: Just as hackers are constantly looking for weaknesses in WordPress and its plug-ins to exploit, the developers are developing patches for these exploits. Using an outdated version of WordPress, a WordPress theme, or plug-in leaves vulnerabilities in your system that can easily be exploited by a hacker.

If you need help with any of these, or need a professional to host and run your WordPress website, contact us!