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Around 2007 I was doing a lot of consulting for small business and startup companies. Most of it was doing custom developement, but over the years a fair number of WordPress sites had been built or worked on by me and some of my clients.

Every so often I’d get a call about how to add a plugins or why is the formatting suddenly not working? Those were usually easy things to answer or fix.

As time went on though, more of those calls where about the site being totally down or hacked. I always knew WordPress was a target, but didn’t really appreciate how much of target it really was. And still is.

Most of the time I could fix whatever was wrong. Cleanup the mal-ware, reset all the passwords, add some plugins to help block this stuff in the future.

Sometimes I couldn’t and we’d have to try to restore the site from a backup. Problem was there was never a recent backup! Getting a backup from the hosting company sometimes worked and often required a long wait for them to get the backup.

Hosting companies almost never backup your databases in a way that can be restored by you. They have backups incase the whole server, with tons of sites, fails.

As the number of WordPress sites I was working with kept growing and these issues kept happening I finally realized there must be a better way!

Around 2014 I started WP Support HQ as an official business.

First I looked for, and tried, a number of the existing options out there for managing multiple WordPress sites. Some were pretty good, MainWP, is the one I found to be the best, most were OK.

The issue was they managed WordPress by using a WordPress plugin. That sounds great, until WordPress isn’t working, but at least there were backups!

I continued using these plugins for a while and also started to build my own system to manage the sites. Using a tool called WP-CLI, I could manage the sites from the command line, which also meant I could automate it.

Which is were we are today. We use the custom systems I’ve developed over the years to do updates, security checks, and backups. Since I built the software I have control over what and how things get done, making a better experience for clients.

About Me

I starting building websites in 1999 after getting a degree in Graphic Design. I quickly got into programming at my first job.

Programming took over pretty quickly and learned everything I could about it. And still do. I love the creative side of programming and solving problems, both programming problems and real world problems.

Over the years I’ve programmed in a lot of different languages, but the web has always been a part of whatever I did in some way.

I still do consulting at Red27 Consulting and blog about nerdy stuff at candland.net.

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