Story behind WP Support HQ

Keeping people connected all over the world

I began building websites in 1999 after getting a degree in graphic design — and, in no time flat, started programming them, too. The programming quickly consumed my interest. I learned
everything I could about it, and I still do. I love the creative side of programming and problem solving — both solving problems with programming and solving real-world problems. Over the years, I have programmed in several different languages, and the web always has been part of my work.
Around 2007, I was doing much consulting and custom development for small businesses and startup companies, many of which had built WordPress sites. At first, the questions usually were easy things to answer and fix, but as time went on, more calls asked me to repair sites that were totally down or had been hacked. Most
times, I could address quickly whatever was wrong — but sometimes I couldn’t and would have to try to restore the site from a backup copy. Problem was that there was never a recent backup! And if there was one, getting it from the client’s hosting company was, shall we say, difficult. After all, hosting companies almost never back up a customer’s databases in a way the customer can restore.
I finally realized there were much better ways to help everyone — so I started WP Support HQ in 2014. At first, I tried lots of existing tools to help me manage multiple WordPress sites. Some were pretty good. Most were just OK. The major problem they posed is that they managed WordPress by using a WordPress plug-in. That sounds great — until WordPress isn’t working. Still, I continued to use these plugin tools for a while — which bought me time to build WP Support HQ’s own system to manage all of our clients’ sites. Using a tool called WP-CLI, I developed a way to manage sites from the command line — which also meant I could automate certain processes.

Dusty Candland, Owner