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Alexandra Friedman

A boutique content consulting agency that designs and curates content experiences from concept and strategy to production.

Media Salad

Media Salad delivers current and actionable market intelligence that empowers busy professionals to make smart decisions their companies and organizations. Our polished communications also free them up to focus on what they do best.

Two Octobers

Small, Smart & Relentlessly Analytical

We don’t deal in hype. We don’t care about ego. We do care about real results. That’s why every digital campaign we manage maps directly to your business goals. It’s why we infuse every strategy with nearly 20 years of marketing and business expertise.


Clarify Your Marketing Chaos

ClearPivot builds and grows measurable marketing assets that generate nonstop returns to transform digitally-fluent Marketing Directors into heroes…even if they believe that no one else can understand their company as well as they do.

Partner with WP Support HQ

Are you a designer or marketer? We help take care of your clients site, protecting the work you’ve put in and the investment they’ve made in their site. You ensure your clients get first class support and free up time to work with other clients on the things you excel at. Contact us regarding any questions or special requests. Be sure to check out our WP Support HQ Affiliate Program.