WordPress Themes

Themes are one of the great things about WordPress and there are thousands of them. At WP Support HQ we think you should either create your own or use a professional theme provider. Creating you own is a lot of work or expense to pay a developer so most people opt to use a theme from a professional provider. We’ve partnered with three professional providers that allow us to provide and update themes for you. They are Elegant Themes, WooThemes, and StudioPress and we’ll talk about the pros of each.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has a bunch of WordPress themes, but Divi is the most popular theme from them. Divi allow for a huge amount of customization without any coding. It has good built in SEO characteristics and is fast. Elegant Themes is good about updating their themes and doing good quality work.


WooThemes also have a lot of WordPress themes, but don’t really have one standout theme. The biggest advantage is the WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin, works well with most of their themes. WooCommerce is made by WooThemes, so it makes sense there is good support for it. WooThemes also uses the WooFramework to help keep their themes similar and the settings similar across themes.


StudioPress has a growing number of themes. They also produce the Genesis Framework, which all their WordPress themes are built on and is a very good choice for a completely custom theme. If you site is going to require a lot of customization, StudioPress and the Genesis Framework are the best way to go. StudioPress themes are also very focused on SEO.

Why are updates important for professional themes?

New website attacks and vulnerabilities are found all the time and these professional providers work hard to update their themes as soon as there is trouble. They also update for better functionality and to keep up with WordPress updates.

We can help!

WP Support HQ supports all these professional WordPress themes, once you signup, we can install and update them as needed. If you or your developer needs to make changes they should use a Child Theme so that updates don’t override code changes.

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