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Why Choose WP Support HQ?

We’re your neighbors! Since 2014, we’ve been the tech team businesses in Colorado can count on and actually get to know. We work with sites built only on the popular, open-source content management system WordPress to maintain our laser focus on latest trends in development, security, and content management.

Save Time

Focus on helping your customers while we take care of the technical details affecting site speed, performance and security of your web platforms and apps.

Save Money

We save our clients money by keeping their sites online and secure — and by recommending smart and affordable software solutions and services.

Be Awesome

Happy users stay on your site longer and have more trust in websites that are secure and perform well. Search engines also reward smoothly running sites.

Recent Posts

You need to own your business’s domain name

Owning the domain name for your business is important because it serves as your online address, just like your physical business address. It’s how people will find you on the internet and remember your brand. If you don’t own your domain name, someone…

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Small Business WordPress Troubleshooting – What to Know

Small business owners often turn to WordPress to power their websites, but sometimes unexpected issues can arise. Whether it’s a slow page load time, broken links, or security vulnerabilities, these problems can cause frustration and harm the user experience for your visitors. To…

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What is a Web Application Firewall?

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a security system that is designed to protect a website from malicious attacks and vulnerabilities. It does this by inspecting incoming traffic to the website and blocking requests that appear to be malicious or otherwise suspicious. WAFs…

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What is Caching?

A server-side website cache is a temporary storage location for web content that is stored on the server, rather than on the user\’s computer. When a user accesses a website, the server retrieves the requested content from the cache if it is available,…

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What’s a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers located around the world that are used to deliver content to users based on their geographic location. When a user requests content from a website, the CDN routes the request to the server…

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Improved Website Speed

We’ve upgraded our servers for the new year to help speed up your website! These upgrades include the OpenLiteSpeed web server, which is focused on WordPress sites. It also includes an optimized caching solution. We’ve implemented SSL termination at the load balancer, to…

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