Is your website bloated, slow, and hard to work with?

We know it’s annoying to rebuild your website every few years…

But not doing so impacts your bottom line. Slow sites make unhappy customers and reduce search engine rankings.

Software is an ever evolving process and WordPress isn’t immune to it. Advancements in WordPress have made it amazing at building websites that are easy for you to edit and perform well. Previously, website builders like Divi and Elementor filled that role, but they do so at a performance cost. They’re another layer on top of WordPress that adds complexity.

Our managed hosting can help delay a rebuild for a while and improve your website performance.

But when it is time to rebuild, we’ll build a site using all the modern features of WordPress, installing only needed plugins, resulting in a fast, secure website that’s easy for you to edit. Combined with our hosting, your site will be kept secure and fast without additional work for you.

Before & after on a recent refresh

Before performance of site with a rating of E
After performance of site with a rating of A

How it works

Step 1 – Learn

We learn about your business and the goals for your website. We do this through an initial discover call.

Step 2 – Copy

Review, optimize, or create copy. Regardless of where you’re at with copy, we’ll get it ready for production.

Step 3 – Design

Determine art direction and asset collection. Your site should be a representation of your business, not a template a bunch of other sites are using.

Step 4 – Development

Development. You’ll be involved through this process so changes can be made early and your site is what you want.

Step 5 – Optimize

We take care of the technical details, mobile responsiveness, accessibility, SEO, and performance.

Step 6 – Launch!

Go live! But don’t forget we’re still here and ready to help if anything comes up.


Simple pricing

Our base price covers most small business websites!

Batteries included

Everything you need for your website is included, copy, design, development, mobile support, SEO, and hosting.

No lock-in

Some companies will try to lock you into long contracts or make it hard to leave. If we’re not a fit, we’ll make sure you get moved without issue.


If you’re not happy with your website, we’ll fix it or refund your money. We want everyone to be happy with their website.

Hosting included

Hosting is important for a lot of reasons, which is why we include your first year in the price.


Please reach out! We’ll get back to you right away

Common Questions

Get started! Starting at: $3,500

Seems cheap?

We’ve optimized the process and want to build a long term relationships. We’re not trying to make a ton of money and disappear. Success for you website is a success for us.

Seems expensive?

We believe in keeping things local. We focus on local businesses, and we use local resources as needed. We could offer a cheaper version by out sourcing, using templates, and cutting corners, but we don’t.

What’s the catch?

There are limits on how much we can reasonably do for a set price, though most small business websites are within those limits. Things like e-commerce and courses require additional work and have additional costs.

If it seems like what you want is going to be too much, we’ll discuss options in discovery. Often, we can find solutions that stay within budget.

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