Why should I update?

WordPress continually is making changes, and those changes can affect the way a website looks and functions significantly. For example, WordPress may remove some technologies in a future version of its software. Theme providers update themes to keep up
with WordPress and prevent sites like yours from experiencing problems, but those updates need to be applied to your site

What’s include in this?

  • We archive a backup of your site before starting this work.
  • Remove inactive plugins.
  • Remove inactive themes.
  • Check the site for any issues.
  • Fix anything that we find is a problem.
Offer is only available to existing customers.

I thought you updated my WordPress site, why is there a charge?

As part of your plan we update WordPress and Plugins.

We charge for theme updates for two reasons.

First, we have to pay the theme providers for the license to get access to the updated theme. Part of this fee is simply for that license.

More importantly, more things can go wrong with theme updates. It is common for the application of an updated theme to require additional work to get the site working as expected.

What if I don’t want to update right now?

No problem! You can update in the future. However, the longer between theme updates, the more things that can go wrong with your site both in the interim and when a new theme is finally applied. Also, upcoming WordPress updates might break older themes when code those themes rely on is removed..