Media Salad; Health Food for Your Blog

If you’re having a difficult time turning all of those analytical reports into actionable game plans, then take a bite of Media Salad. Puns aside, Media Salad compiles data from the stats of your social media accounts and creates press-worthy reports, unique blog content and action plans to increase your engagement and effectiveness.  

Actionable Reports

The analytical aspect of Media Salad’s service is unique because they draw upon data from your WordPress traffic, Twitter, Facebook Analytics, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Their reports are easier to read than raw stats because they use graphics that tell a story.  This information helps determine what sort of content is most engaging to your readers and most effectively spreads your message. 

Industry News Aggregation

In addition to monitoring your properties, Media Salad aggregates data from the rest of your industry to keep you and your site on the leading edge of new opportunities and trends.

On-Site Reporters

Media Salad has another unique service fueled by a network of journalists that can attend meetings, trade shows and conferences on your behalf and act as your “feet on the ground” during important developing events, creating reports for you and fresh timely content for your readers.

Business Writing

Grooming the growth of your business is important and Media Salad works to create attractive white papers, graphics and business proposals that help your business stand out.  They also employ translators to reach clients in other languages.

Media Salad contracts with us to design simple, beautiful WordPress websites. Contact us to learn more about how this relationship benefits your growing business.

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