Do you love/hate WordPress?

Do you love how easy it is to design, edit, and integrate?

And HATE keeping it fast, secure, updated, and running its best?

Hate finding a clients site is broken, in the middle of a campaign?

The partner program is built to solve those problems for small digital marketing agencies.

How it works

  1. We decide this is a good fit for both of us.
  2. You become a partner of WP Support HQ.
  3. You recommend your clients sign up with me for their WordPress sites.
  4. I migrate your clients’ sites to this fast, new hosting for free.
  5. BONUS: Your clients get my top-shelf WP Tune-up service for free.

What you get

  1. You earn 10%, recurring, forever.
  2. You never worry about the technical side of WordPress.
  3. Your clients get amazing managed WordPress support.
  4. You can up sell additional services, like audits and tune-ups.
  5. BONUS: We take care of your WordPress site too.

In order to keep our high service standards, we’re only accepting 5 new partners right now.


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