4 Helpful Ways to Avoid WordPress Security Problems

With any business website, there are certain things you want to prioritize, such as making sure the load times are quick and that the website is completely secure.

Following helpful ways to maximize WordPress security will help you avoid security-related problems.

Stick with Reputable Themes and Plugins

Although there are plenty of attractive themes and unique plugins out there to choose from, you should stick to only downloading ones that are highly reputable. In most cases, you will benefit from this in a variety of ways as these themes and plugins are generally the most updated and secure options.

However, the most important part is to avoid security breaches upon installation.

Be Diligent with Staying Updated

WordPress, along with theme and plugin developers constantly strive to provide a better and more secure product, which is exactly why you should stay updated with all of them. As soon as you see an update for one of them get released, make sure to install it to enjoy a greater level of website security.

Use Complicated Passwords

Creating a complex password for both WordPress and the attached email is essential. Although you might be able to create a rather in-depth password on your own, you should consider looking into software that creates, stores, and encrypts highly complex passwords to maximize security.

Put a Limitation on Login Attempts

Although it will not stop every instance of someone trying to hack your website, you can put an end to some attempts by putting a limitation on login attempts that come from a single IP address.

If you want to enjoy even greater website security, please contact us today.

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