What To Do If Your WordPress Website Is Blank

Nothing is more frustrating than pulling up your WordPress website to find a blank page. The first thing that comes to mind is that someone is hacking your website. However, a serious issue such as that isn’t always the case. Often times, a blank website is the result of a corrupted plugin that is currently active.

Sometimes plugins become problematic when they are incompatible with the latest release of WordPress. This is especially true if they are no longer supported by their developers. Free plugins tend to have the problem of losing support while premium plugins are continually updated for each new WordPress release.

You can pinpoint which plugin is the culprit through a process of elimination. You will need FTP access to your domain which you can get from your hosting provider. Once you are inside of your FTP account using a FTP client, you will need to find the /wp-content directory. Once inside this directory, you will find the /plugins directory.

Rename the /plugins directory first to determine if it is one of the plugins you have installed that is causing the issue. When you reload your website in your web browser and it appears as it normally would, then it is for sure one of the plugins causing the blank page.

Now you can rename your /plugins directory back to its original name. Go into this directory and you will see a listing of all of your plugins. Move each plugin folder out of the main plugins directory one at a time. Test your website after each one you have moved. Soon, you will discover which plugin is having the issue. Once you have found the troublesome plugin, you can leave it off of your website. If you feel compelled, you can contact the plugin’s developers and ask if a fix is in the works.

Don’t worry if reading all of the above is over your head. You can outsource your WordPress support issues to professionals who can troubleshoot problems for you.

Contact us today. We work with numerous WordPress installations and have a deep knowledge of the platform, including common and not-so-common issues.

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