Best Plugins for Improving WordPress Speed

Faster-loading websites tend to provide a better user experience. With a platform as open-ended as WordPress, sites sometimes get bogged down, which leads to slow loading times and, worse—frustrated users. Not to worry, as the WP community is prepared to tackle this problem with a host of intuitive plugins to improve WordPress speed.

Make Use of Caching with W3 Total Cache

This plugin tends to fly under the radar, but it’s great for improving the overall speed of your WordPress site. It improves a website’s load time using caching, as well as offering the ability to store information on a cloud-based server. This decreases the load on your server and greatly reduces overall loading time, thus improving the user experience.

Get Rid of Broken Links with Broken Link Checker

Have you ever visited a website, only to leave a short time later because none of the navigation links work properly? Broken links not only slow your site down, they negatively affect the user experience to a huge extent. Your SEO suffers, your users suffer—it’s an all-around bad problem to have.

But who has time to manually click on every link within your website? Thankfully, you don’t have to. Broken Link checker is a simple tool that does exactly what its name implies.

Eliminate Digital Waste with WP Smush

This is an excellent plugin that improves your site’s performance by eliminating the kind of bulky hidden information that attaches itself to images and other site features. Pages will load faster, and images will remain high-res, but the useless junk information is left out. This is a great tool for improving site speed, and thus user experience.

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