Contact Form 7 & spam filtering

A lot of our clients use Contact Form 7 for their contact forms. With a couple of additional plugins you can mitigate most spam and bot submissions. First, you probably already have Akismet, you definitely do if you’re a WP Support HQ customer. If not, it’s worth getting and might be free depending on your

WordPress News and Updates on Conversion

As a business using a WordPress website, you want to get the most from your online efforts. You have invested time and money on the design and promotion of your website so that it gets traffic and converts well. However, if you aren’t using A/B conversion testing, your website is under performing in both the

Best Plugins for Improving WordPress Speed

Faster-loading websites tend to provide a better user experience. With a platform as open-ended as WordPress, sites sometimes get bogged down, which leads to slow loading times and, worse—frustrated users. Not to worry, as the WP community is prepared to tackle this problem with a host of intuitive plugins to improve WordPress speed. Make Use of Caching

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