Updated servers and more protection for your sites

Technology is moving faster than ever, and with that comes the need for businesses to remain ahead of the curve and protect their websites from cyber threats. WordPress, one of the world’s leading content management systems, has recently made significant updates to the servers hosting their sites in order to provide a better and more

Keep Those Plugins Updated – With Caution.

Updates are important, but they can break your website, so many people just don’t update. The problem is updates aren’t just about new features. Often they contain security fixes. Getting these security fixes is important because malware makers and spammers will scan the internet looking for “unpatched” websites. And since you now have backups, you

Create Strong Passwords With “Brute Force Protection”

Let’s make sure all users are using a strong password. What’s all this about strong passwords? Well it’s not about people guessing your password, it’s about computers doing it. Computers are fast, really fast, and guessing millions of passwords is pretty easy for them. The longer the password and the more types of characters in

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