3 reasons your transactional email isn’t being received

Are you having trouble with your transactional emails not being delivered? This can be a frustrating problem to deal with, especially if your business relies on email to communicate with customers. In this post, we’ll discuss the top causes of transactional email delivery issues and offer solutions to help get your emails back on track.

Keep Those Plugins Updated – With Caution.

Updates are important, but they can break your website, so many people just don’t update. The problem is updates aren’t just about new features. Often they contain security fixes. Getting these security fixes is important because malware makers and spammers will scan the internet looking for “unpatched” websites. And since you now have backups, you

Help! I’m Getting a Bunch of Contact Form Spam

You just redesigned your site, or maybe just added a new contact form to your current site, and now you’re getting a bunch of non-sense emails. Contact form spam! A lot of people default to using a CAPTCHA to fight spam, those annoying puzzle image things you hate filling out. But there’s another way, a honeypot

What To Do If Your WordPress Website Is Blank

Nothing is more frustrating than pulling up your WordPress website to find a blank page. The first thing that comes to mind is that someone is hacking your website. However, a serious issue such as that isn’t always the case. Often times, a blank website is the result of a corrupted plugin that is currently active.

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